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How Do I Sell My Rental Property for Top Dollar without Disturbing My Existing Tenants?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Many sellers are concerned that if they broadly market their rental property by listing on the local MLS and Commercial Listing Services they will “spook” their tenants. A landlord’s worst nightmare is often spooking/annoying tenants in the sales process, then the tenants move out, the property does not sell, and the landlord ends up with an empty property and has to re-tenant the property.

Our experienced Agents at Texas Multifamily Specialists are here to help our clients minimize the pain associated with a sale. Our goal is to help sellers achieve top dollar, create minimal disturbance to tenants, and bring the transaction to a successful close.

TMS Strategy for Listing 100% Occupied Rentals on MLS / Commercial Listing Services:

If a seller wants to reach the largest buyer pool possible, we recommend that our clients allow us to list their rental property on the MLS and the major Commercial Listing Services. To minimize impact to tenants we recommend the following battle tested strategy.

· Our Agents provide Sellers with a strategy outlining how best to price and prepare the property for market

· We prepare a comprehensive marketing package for the property

· We create a comprehensive listing with all due diligence items an investor needs to make a competitive offer

· We list the property on the MLS, all Major Commercial Listing Services, and email the offering to our database of investors. This provides our sellers with exposure to the largest possible pool of buyers.

· We advise the owner NOT to allow showings until an offer is accepted providing minimal disturbance to tenants.

· We implement strategies to help minimize concern to tenants when buyer due diligence is performed.

If you prefer a quick and easy transaction, we are prepared to write you an offer to purchase your property ASAP.

As always our Agents are here to help. Please feel free to call us to brainstorm as we love talking about all things real estate!

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